Amber makes a man’s day


Amber Dawn, a 43-year-old wife and mom who has fucked for us three times, is ready to fuck on-camera again. This curvy redhead–a wife and mom with a sexy body–is all dressed up for her shoot in a tight dress that accentuates her curves and fishnet stockings that show off her legs. She’s waiting for her driver, and when he shows up, she likes what she sees.

She answers the door and says hello to him while thinking, “I hope my stud today is as cute as my limo driver. I’d fuck him in a second.”

She invites him inside and asks him how she looks.

“You look lovely,” he says.

“What do you think about my ass in this dress?” Amber asks him.

“It looks fine,” he says, seeming a bit confused. After all, the models’ drivers aren’t supposed to fuck the models; they’re just supposed to drive them to the location where the models are going to get fucked.

“You know, I kinda feel sorry for you,” Amber tells him. “It’s so unfair that you have to drive all these models to their shoots and you never get to fuck them.”

He doesn’t know what to say, and Amber doesn’t let him say anything.

“Maybe today is your lucky day.”

“I think there’s been some misunderstanding here,” he mumbles, but at this point, Amber doesn’t care if she’s late for her shoot. She wants his cock.

“I’m going to fuck you,” she says.

And she does. She sucks his cock. She bounces up and down on his dick. She opens her mouth for his cum. Damn, she’s thinking, this limo driver is a great fuck!

SPOILER ALERT! Everything is not as it seems in this scene. Watch to the end…after Amber sucks the cum off the dude’s cock…to find out what’s really going on here.

Date: January 31, 2020