Bangin’ British beauty rubs one out


“All the cock I get keeps me looking young. All the protein!” said Rebecca Jane Smyth, a 46-year-old hottie from London, England.

Rebecca Jane is a wild one. Turning heads and getting cocks hard is an easy feat with her blond hair, pretty face and banging body. And she has the sex drive to go with her fuck-doll looks.

“I’m a nymphomaniac,” she said. “I get fucked all day but I still wank at night. I like to have sex four, five or six times a day. I’m assertive; I don’t do passive. I always let someone know when I’m horny and want to fuck.”

Rebecca has been a glamour model and porn star for 27 years. She’s not a swinger but, as we know from her fuck videos here, she likes a lot of sex. Whether she has a cock around or not, she’ll rub one out regularly. That’s what she’s doing in this update, first in her bathroom and then in the tub, where she sprays water on her horny pussy.

“I like to masturbate on sunbeds and trains,” she said. “I’m an exhibitionist. I like to be watched fucking. But I also like to have sex and masturbate in public. The risk of getting caught turns me on.

“I’ve shagged in a cinema before because the film was shit, I had to amuse myself in other ways. I have never done a gang bang film. That’s something I would love to do. Lots and lots of guys. As many as possible.”

Rebecca’s message to you?

“Happy wanking over me! I love all my fans out there wanking silly over me and seeing me being filthy and dirty with my filthy mouth talking about my cunt and my arse getting filled with dick.”

Date: January 9, 2020