Brie Daniels makes her fantasy come true


“I did all of the family things and now I get to do the me thing,” Brie Daniels, a 58-year-old divorcee and mom, tells the guy who’s interviewing her.

“You’re going to be doing me,” he says.

“Oh, no, I think I can use you to do me,” she says.

And that’s what happens. After a brief interview, Brie calls him over to the bed and starts sucking his cock. It’s the first time she has ever sucked cock on-camera. She’d been waiting for this moment for a long time.

“I had fantasized about doing porn my whole life,” Brie said. “I had fantasies in the back of my mind, but I was always a little prudish and didn’t want to tell anyone what my fantasies were, so I didn’t tell anyone what I wanted to do.”

She wanted to do this: suck cock and balls on-camera. Get fucked by a young, big-dicked stud for all the world to see. Brie’s fantasy comes true, and the guy is so turned on, he ends up cumming in her pussy.

More about Brie: She was born in Renton, Washington and lives in Clearwater on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Eyes: blue.

“When I was in school, I played on the volleyball team,” she said. “Now I love beach volleyball. Gotta love those hot, sweaty bodies in small swimsuits dusted with sand!”

Yes, she is a very horny woman.

“I love games of flirtation and seduction. I love men who know what they like and how to ask for it. Men who just can’t keep their hands off of me.”

How could any man resist?

Date: July 24, 2020