Busting Into Triple-X!


The blinds open, revealing a pair of “Bigg” boobs stuffed into a tight bra. How Bigg? Try 36JJJ. Enough breast-flesh for four, maybe five average-sized women.

A guy is in bed behind Liza Biggs. It’s JMac. Liza is about to transport this tit-lover to hooter heaven. She comes over to the bed and rubs her boobs along his junk. Lifting her boobs with her hand, she drops them on his bulge a few times, then resumes her rubbing and grinding. This can stiffen any breast-man within seconds, and Liza is enjoying it too. The tops of her tits are beginning to spill out over her bra, like a dam about to break.

JMac is only human. He can only take so much. It’s time to release the Kraken! Liza grips his cock and examines it, then encircles it between her ripe lips. She grips the shaft and smacks it against her boobs, tapping each breast like his dick is a hammer. She sticks his stiffy between her tits and spits on it, keeping it wedged between her big Biggs, crushing it inside her cleavage.

Liza drops her bra and keeps tit-fucking JMac. He turns Liza over on her back for the classic tit-fuck, straddling her chest as she squeezes her breasts together to massage his wiener. That smile on her face says it all. Liza flicks her tongue out, a signal that she wants to suck his cock while he’s still fucking her big tits. This is an epic boob-bang by a girl with epic boobs.

All the nipple play, tit-fucking and sucking get them crazy-horny. Liza and JMac are ready to satisfy that urge to merge. For their first ride, Liza mounts JMac in cowgirl. As his cock penetrates her pink slit and her Bigg tits dangle in his face, she takes her right breast in hand and playfully smacks him in the face with it a couple of times. This bed should have come with seat belts. There’s gonna be a lot of bouncing.

Liza Biggs: the breastman’s wet dream. All tits, all ass. A buxom body made for fun.

Date: June 9, 2020