Diana Eisley Meets JMac


Diana Eisley reminds some of your TSG editors of many of the girls from the past, the kind of girl SCOREClassics.com is showcasing in unedited scenes. No tattoos, big, natural, well-shaped boobs and a bush. A girl who does not look like the typical, modern-day porn star and nude model. The “real girl” appeal. Except this real girl has really large breasts. And to think Diana’s entrance into modeling for TSG was kickstarted at a sushi restaurant she was working in.

Diana is at the top of the stairs watching JMac. “So you are the famous JMac I’ve heard so much about,” Diana says to him. “I hear you’re pretty rough.” And right after that introduction, they get wild in the bedroom.

“I’ve actually had rough sex before,” Diana said. “So after getting used to how big JMac’s dick was, I enjoyed it. I like big dicks and I cannot lie. The meat makes a lot of difference. The motion obviously also can make a difference because the guy who can fuck well is great, but I do like the thought of, ‘I just took this giant dick in my pussy. Hot!’

“I would be perfectly happy with a guy who’s eight inches or so. If their performance is really good, that’s fine with me, because if they can fuck me well, I’ll be satisfied. But I do prefer big dicks. I have a very sensitive esophagus, so it’s hard for me to get much into my mouth, so I do prefer penetration. I am still very, very new to anal. I’ve basically only done it one time. I’ve had the tip in, but I said, ‘I’m not going any further.'”

Date: February 22, 2020