Lola Paradise: The Perfect Wife of an XL Girls Fan


The camera pans up from the feet of smiling blonde beauty Lola Paradise, who’s sitting on a couch. The tops of her tawny areolae are peeking over her low-cut top. Next to her is a letter she sent to the XL Girls studio. Lola reads what she wrote in her pursuit to become a model for The SCORE Group. Thank you, Lola and husband.

Lola’s husband is a very big fan of XL Girls and believed that she was the perfect girl to show off her beautiful body for the XL cameras. Lola explains that she’s not a professional model. She wanted to do this for her husband and for herself. They shot the kind of photos the studio requested and it didn’t take very long for the staff to arrange a shoot in Prague.

“I like to travel and visit new places,” Lola said. “I like good food and watching boxing and basketball. One day I would like to fly in a hot air balloon and visit the world’s most beautiful castles.”

Date: February 14, 2020