Loraine del Sol: Scoring The Hot Mom


“I learned about The SCORE Group from a person who told me about the company and recommended it to me,” said Loraine del Sol, a Latina hottie who lives up to her name with her sunny personality.

“When I go out, I look sexy but not vulgar, I like to highlight my curves, and also my breasts a bit. Guys are always looking at my tits and my ass. Because my tits are big, I always wear a bra so I don’t bounce around. I buy simple bras, no Victoria’s Secret bras.”

Loraine really likes to fuck. We mean really likes to fuck.

A friend of Loraine’s son, Tyler is watching Loraine like a hawk, going crazy over her shapely bod, her ass and tits. He phones a friend for some locker room talk about her, thinking she only understands Spanish. But Loraine does speak and understand English and very well. And she wants to get fucked, even if he is her son’s buddy. She’s aggressive. She comes on to him and what Loraine wants, she gets. Because you’d have to be nuts to not want to fuck her.

Date: August 1, 2020