Sofia: A Girl With A Deluxe Body


In these sad times, when the best North American and British bra-busters have become difficult to find and photograph, the eastern Europeans and Colombian girls have stepped up to balance the scales of justice.

Sofia Deluxe definitely picked the right surname. Her succulent and thick body is deluxe. Sofia enjoys fucking her pussy with her dildos, vibrators and toys, like almost all of the Colombian girls we photograph. Toward the end of this scene, Sofia lies in bed and plays with one of her favorites chick-sticks.

“I masturbate all the time,” said Sofia. “I like to watch pornography and masturbate. I can’t keep my hands off my breasts.”

Sofia likes to sing, dance and watch football (soccer). With tits like hers, she’s gotta be a great dancer. “My breasts get 100% of the attention, but I like it.”

Date: December 28, 2019