The Sally D’Angelo Anal Fuck Show


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In this scene, as a prelude to taking a real cock in her ass, Sally takes out a toy, spreads her legs and teases her butthole.

“You don’t want to just jam it up there without a little tease, right?” Sally says.

Well, actually, we do, but we’re willing to be gentlemen about it.

Then she stops teasing her asshole and shoves the toy deep inside. Her stud shows up and fucks her asshole with the toy. Sally’s really enjoying herself and cums for the first of many times in this video. Then, with the toy still jammed inside her asshole, she takes out his cock and sucks it. Notice how good Sally is at sucking cock and fucking her pussy with a dildo at the same time. That takes skill.

Then the guy fucks her mouth and huge tits at the same time. That doesn’t take skill. It just takes instinct. He fucks her shaved cunt, and Sally makes those girlie moaning noises she’s famous for while talking dirty.

“I love that dick!” she says. “It makes my pussy feel so fine. Stick it right through my chest.”

And then she cums again and again. And she still hasn’t had that cock in her ass. But she finally gets the cock in her ass and has one analgasm after another.

The guy? He cums once. He squirts his load in Sally’s mouth, and she swallows every drop.

What a woman!

Date: December 6, 2019