The Wonders Of Delicious Daria


Daria is looking lovelier and bustier than ever. It’s a pleasure to see her again. She does wonders for her tight sweater and skirt. When she takes off her sweater, her enormous, beautifully shaped breasts jiggle and dangle.

Removing her skirt and panties, Daria sits on the couch and reaches behind a pillow for her special vibrator. She rubs it on her nipples and makes them stiff. Spreading her pussy lips, Daria rubs her clit with the toy in a circular motion. She licks her fingers and spreads her pussy open with one hand while she continues her circular moves with the vibrator.

Daria’s hand moves faster and faster as she approaches her orgasm. What is she thinking of? She sticks the toy inside her pussy just the way she likes it. Her body trembles from the sensations. She then takes the toy out of her pussy and licks it, tasting her juices. The look of erotic pleasure on her pretty face tells the story as Daria caresses her big boobs one more time.

Date: January 26, 2020