You Will Call Her Mistress Katy Ann


Katy Ann is your mistress and dominatrix. You will call her Mistress Katy Ann, or else. She will tell you when to jerk off and make your donation to the goddess. Whatever Mistress Katy Ann says is right by us. In fact, we’d nominate Katy Ann for President.

“The best compliment I’ve ever received was seeing myself on the SCORE Silhouette 2 DVD with the caption ‘Introducing the Girl of the Century.’ Wow! What an honor!”

When Katy Ann is not cracking the whip in a fetish outfit, what does she usually like to wear?

“When I want to feel sexy I will wear a skintight pair of jeans, fuck-me shoes and a really tight top. I also like to wear sexy bikinis and lingerie to get in the sex goddess zone. I will prepare a bubble bath or put rose petals in the tub. Afterwards, I will lotion my entire nude body to make sure I am silky soft.”

Date: February 9, 2020