Bikini Baby Blake


The always-happy Las Vegas babe Blake Emerald shows off her plush and thick body in different string bikinis at poolside, oils up her velvety soft skin in the sun and gives herself the finger. In a nice way.

“I always try to look nice and super-sexy,” Blake said. “I like to look like I put effort into my look for whomever I’m trying to impress. I also feel like I’m a very accommodating person in general so I really like to take care of everyone’s needs. I love it when partners are accommodating and giving back in return, as well.”

Teasing and being teased get Blake hot.

“Being teased and teasing are so fun to me and get me heated up. I love chatting about kinks and fetishes with people and seeing what gets their blood rushing a bit so I can try to add that to my fantasy play for them.”

Date: February 22, 2020